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Amplifier AMP1(In Stock)

1 channel instrumentation amplifier, 8 adjustable gain levels plus two customized gain levels. Can be used as signal con
ditioning for bridge sensors such as load cell, pressure sensor and thermocouple sensor.
This is one channel instrumentation amplifier. It has 8 selectable gains, plus two
customized gain levels. It's output is isolated.

Below shows a picture of gain level switch on board.

When one switch is at ON position, the corresponding level gain will be selected.Only one
switch can be at ON position, the other switchs should be at OFF positions.

Below shows the gain for each switch:
Switch Index Gain Switch Index Gain
SW1 6 SW5 201.4
SW2 11 SW6 501
SW3 51 SW7 1001
SW4 101
SW8 is reserved for customized resistor, the corresponding position is R8 on board with 0805 surface mount. User can also use J3,
the regular resistor for customized gain, but all switches should be OFF for using J3.Gain=1+(100K/R). Max gain is 1001.
If all switches are at OFF positions and J3 is empty, gain=1.
There is another switch on board for selecting the reference voltage. As show at below image
If this switch is at VREF position, it can shift amplifiered voltage to higher level, that is the final output voltage will
be Vin*G+1.65V. This is suitable for bipolar signal,it shifts negative voltage to higher than 0V. This can be measured by iUSBDAQ
data acquisition modules.
If the input signal is unipolar signal, the reference switch should be at GND, the relationship between input voltage and gain level is:
If input voltage is bipolar, switch the reference to VREF, the relationship between input voltage and gain level is:

Connection to iUSBDAQ: this amplifier's output side pins can be plug directly into iUSBDAQ, the pin order is +5V, GND, AI.
The input side are screw terminals, the order is: 3.3V, V-, V+, GND. 3.3V is a reference voltage, can be used as supply voltage for
sensors such as load cells.
Below diagram shows how to connect bridge type sensor to AMP.

Below diagram shows how to connect thermocouple to AMP.

AMP1 Image:

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