HYTEK Stereo 3D Camera/Webcam FAQ (frequent asked questions)


1.   After finish installing the HYTEK 3D iVCam, it fails to register the “3Dcam2.dll”.

That means that your computer may have DEP enabled. This is additional protection from Microsoft. Either you add “regsvr32.exe” to the exception list of the DEP or you need to go to ‘Safe Mode” of computer (reboot and press F8 key while booting) and manually register the “3Dcam2.dll” by running the “Reg3Dcam2.bat” file under the “C:\Program Files\ HYTEK Stereo 3D Camera Driver\ Reg3Dcam2.bat”. When completed, the 3D virtual camera driver is installed on the computer.


2.   When I loaded up AMCAP, and select HYTEK 3D Virtual Camera2, it says this graph can not preview etc.

This could be in your computer there are other video devices such as TV tuner card or other type webcams installed that do not support RGB24 color space and 320x240 or 640x480 video size. Just click ok on error message, then go to AMCAP’s menu: Options->Video Capture Pin…, this will bring out the pin property’s window of 3D virtual webcam, where you can select the left and right camera. Please select the cameras that support RGB24 and 320x240 or 640x480. Click on apply and ok, if you still does not see the mixed video (please wait for 4-5 seconds), close down AMCAP and reopen up AMCAP again. Sometimes you may also need to restart the computer and try AMCAP again. And please also read below question (No.3) and solution, it may also apply to this case.


3.   When I loaded up AMCAP and select HYTEK 3D virtual camera2 as my camera, I can see both cameras are in working state (because I see the LED lighting up), but there is no video on the screen, only white window and I also get error message saying this graph can not preview etc.

 If you check individual camera and verify that both can work as single camera, but do not work when both used together (with 3D camera), this could be that USB bus does not supply enough bandwidth to both cameras. Please close down AMCAP and unplug and re-plug in one of the cameras to a new USB port (best if they are on separate USB root controller). You may need to install the camera driver for that new USB port too if this is the first time the camera is plugged into this new port. Just follow the find new hardware wizard to install the camera driver.

4.   I had plugged in few cameras in my computer and test in HYTEK_AMCAP.exe file, the 3D camera works. After I unplug some of the cameras, next time I loaded up HYTEK_AMCAP, it crashed. How do I fix this?

AMCAP.exe is a free software, so it may not be optimized. In this case, please go to C:\windows\win.ini file, open win.ini file, look at the section [annie], there is a keyword “VideoDevice=somenumber”, just change the somenumber to 0 and save this file. Next time you load up HYTEK_AMCAP.exe, it will load up the first camera in your computer. If you want to use 3D camera, you should select it under menu “Device”.

5.   How do I change the brightness, contrast, white balance, saturation etc. camera settings in HYTEK stereo 3D camera?

HYTEK stereo 3D camera is based on two physical real cameras/webcams. In HYTEK 3D Virtual camera2’s capture filter property page, user can click on “left camera settings” or “right camera settings” to change the physical camera settings.

6.   How do I change the 3D camera’s output video display mode?

You can select the video output mixing mode in HYTEK 3D Virtual camera2’s capture filter property page. There are 12 different video mixing modes, some are 2D video, some are 3D video:  Left image, Right image, Side By Side, Picture in Picture, Color Anaglyph 3D Image, Gray Anaglyph 3D Image, True Anaglyph 3D Image, Side By Side With Ratio, Up and Down, Up and Down with Ratio, 2D in 3D and 3D in 2D.

7.   Can I switch the left and right camera in software? or must I switch the cameras physically?

Yes, you can switch the left and right camera video in software. In HYTEK 3D Virtual camera2’s capture filter property page, you will see a check box for switching the left and right camera video.

8.   Do I have to mount the two cameras in the supplied fixture/attachment in order to use HYTEK 3D camera?

No, you don’t have to all the time. It depends on which video mixing mode you want to use. For none 3D video mixing mode, you can put the two cameras/webcams separately, facing to any direction you want. But if you want to use 3D video mixing mode, you should put the two cameras on the 3D camera attachment plate or at least keep these two cameras 6.5cm apart, this is required to create a stereo 3D image/video. For how to setup the 3D camera system, please refer to the user’s manual.

9.   I don’t see a good 3D video when I switch the 3D virtual camera display mode to anaglyph 3D mode, what do I miss here?

Please refer to the User’s manual of stereo 3D camera, there are detailed information on how to setup 3D camera system. You can find user manual on hytek’s website, it’s free downloadable.

10.                     How do I use HYTEK 3D Virtual Camera2 in msn messenger?

In msn messenger or msn live messenger, go to Tools->Audio and Video setup…, follow the instruction to select the audio and video source, when you get to the video source selection step, select HYTEK 3D Virtual Camera2 as video source, then wait for 4-5 seconds until you see the mixed video, then click on ok.  From now on, it will automatically use the HYTEK 3D camera as camera source for video chat in msn messenger.


11.                     How do I use 3D camera in Yahoo Messenger?

Please log into Yahoo, click on Menu Messenger->My Webcam, it will bring out a video window, in this window's menu, select File->Preferences, click on Webcam, on the right top side, you can click on Camera Source..., you will see a drop down list of all the cameras in your computer, select the 3D camera.

12.                     How do I record 3D anaglyph video?

HYTEK 3D Virtual Camera2 is a virtual camera that can be recognized by many Directshow compatible software as if it’s a real camera. You can use HYTEK_AMCAP or Window’s media encoder to record 3D anaglyph video. We recommend Window’s media encoder, because it will compress the video in *.wmv format.

13.                     Hey, I like the way that 3D iVCam can output two cameras’ video, I think it’s cool. How do I broadcast my 3D iVCam video over internet to show my friends?

To broadcast your video, you can use software such as yahoo messenger, ICUII, msn messenger etc. for video conferencing with your friends. You can also use Adobe flash player to put your live 3D webcam on internet. For how to do this, please refer to individual third party program’s user manual or help file.

14.                     Can I try out HYTEK stereo 3D camera driver without buying it first?

Sure you can. Please download this driver from:


Without the software registration, there will be a watermark on the video. After user purchase the software, we will issue a product serial number for software registration. A registered software will output video without watermark.

15.                     My video flicks, what happens?

You can need to check your left and right camera settings, make sure the frequency is switch to your country’s power frequency, either 50Hz or 60Hz depends on where you live.

16.                     I mess up with my camera’s setting, now my video image color does not look correct, how do I adjust it back to original?

In camera setting’s page, click on Default, it will reset back to factory original settings.


17.                     How do I make 3D camera driver working under windows vista (32bit)?

First make sure you have two physical cameras that work with window’s vista. Then after you install the 3D camera driver, go to the install folder. Right click on “i3DCamActivation640.exe”, , select "Property", go to "Compatibility" tab, check the box "Run this programin compatibility mode for", select "Windows XP

(Service Pack2)" and also check the box "Run this program as an administrator". click on "Apply" and "OK". You should do this step before you register the software, otherwise the hardware key may not be correctly read.

 Do the same thing to HYTEK_AMCAP.exe, right click on it , select "Property", go to "Compatibility" tab, check the box "Run this programin compatibility mode for", select "Windows XP

(Service Pack2)" and also check the box "Run this program as an administrator". click on "Apply" and "OK".