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iUSBDAQ - U1208DIV (In Stock)

USB DAQ with 8 channel voltage signal conditioning. Based on iUSBDAQ - U120816 base module, it widens the measuring volt
age range.
iUSBDAQ-U1208DIV module is based on U120816 module, but has a widen voltage
measuring range. It attaches a DIV8 module into U120816 USB DAQ.
Three voltage ranges are available for customer's selection:
0-10V, ±5V, ±10V.
Please specify the voltage range when ordering. Without specification, the default out of factory setting is ±5V.
Package includes:
iUSBDAQ - U120816 module
USB cable
Screw driver
Installation guide
DIV8 module

For details of iUSBDAQ - U120816, click here.
For details of voltage divider DIV8, click here.
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